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Zeitschritt Manuelle Therapien und Naturheilkunde


Common disorders and Naturopathy


Acute and chronic back and neck pain

The   spine   is   an   intricate   and   complex   supporting   structure composed   of   bones,   muscles,   ligaments,   tendons   and   discs. All    causes    of    back    pain    arise    from    problems    with    these component   parts.   When   the   back   or   neck   is   sore   or   painful there   is   usually   difficulty   moving   it,   especially   to   one   side.   This is   due   to   the   protective   muscle   spasm   that   the   body   uses   to limit   potentially   harmful   movement.   When   muscles   become irritated   from   prolonged   and   frequent   abuse,   it   can   compress the   nerves   resulting   in   pain   that   also   causes   numbness   and tingling anywhere along the pathway of the pinched nerve.


Because   there   are   many   different   types   of   headaches   there   is not   remotely   a   single   cause   for   the   wide   variety   of   head   pain. It    is    important    for    each    individual    to    closely    evaluate    all factors    in    one´s    local    environmet    to    determine    if    there    is something     that     is     done     or     not     done,     eaten,     worn     or performed that might cause the particular headache.


Burnout     is     a     state     of     emotional,     physical     and     mental exhaustion    caused    by    excessive    and    prolonged    stress.    It occours    when    you    feel    overwhelmed,    emotionally    drained and     unable     to     meet     constant     demands.     As     the     stress continues,   you   begin   to   lose   the   interest   and   motivation   that led   you   to   take   on   a   certain   role   in   the   first   place.   Burnout reduces   productivity   and   saps   your   energy,   leaving   you   feeling increasingly      helpless,      hopeless,      cynical      and      resentful. Eventually,   you   may   feel   like   you   have   nothing   more   to   give. The   negative   effects   of   burnout   spill   over   into   every   area   of life   -   including   your   home,   work   and   social   life.   Burnout   can also   cause   long-term   changes   to   your   body   that   make   you vulnerable   to   illness   like   colds   and   flu.   Because   of   its   many consequences, it´s important to deal with burnout right away.


Acupuncture   for   pain   control   is   ideal   for acute   pain   or   chronic   pain   from   spinal arthritis   or   misalignment   causing   lower back pain, sciatica, neck- and headaches.

Massage Therapy

When     using     massage     for     acute     or chronic   neck   and   back   pain,   there   is   little risk     of     aggravating     these     problems. Movements    are    focused    on    superficial layers    of    muscles    in    and    around    the general      region      of      complaint.      The pressure      and      friction      of      massage therapy      improves      local      blood      and lymphatic   circulation.   This   will   result   in reduced    muscle    tension    and    increased flexibility.